Lubrimaxx Oil and Lubricants

AllGear has just signed on as a distributer for Lubrimaxx oils and Lubricants

We will cater to the northern Victoria and Southern NSW country regions

So no matter what oil or lubricant you need just give us a call and we will get the best value and quality for you.

Our biggest selling oil is the Fully Synthetic Powersyn 5W/30 priced at $60 for 6.5 Litres, $110 for 13 Litres, $150 for 20 Litres or if you need the 205 Litre Drum its an incredible $1199 delivered in the local area.

Also in our standard range is our mineral based 15W/40 Multivalve and ultra light 10W/30 as well as a semi synthetic 10W/40. We also keep a range of transmission and gear oils in store.

If you need chain bar oil we keep the top of the range ISO 220 Chain Bar oil, top quality at a great price. Don't be fooled by those selling cheap ISO 100 or ISO 150, try the ISO 220 chain bar oil and see the difference.

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Dirt Bikes

Dirt Bikes

We are an agent for all Atomik dirt bikes, from a 50CC 4 Speed Semi Auto to a 5 Speed 250CC full size dirt bike.



We stock quads for all ages from 49CC to a 300CC Ag quad for the farm. We also now carry an electric range of quads.


Buggies and XUVs

We Recommend the Atomik range of Buggies, starting with a kids 5.5 Hp to the top of the line 300CC Ramapage.

Racking and Shelving


With our large range of shelving, pallet racking, long span, cabinets, parts bins and more we can fit out any space.

Pool Tables

Pool Tables

We get access to a variety of different pool tables including slate or wooden bases and also a range of pool table accessories.

Lubrimaxx Oils

Lubrimaxx Oils

As a distributer for Lubrimaxx we get access to a large range of oils and lubricants for car, boat, bike and ag machinery.

Lubriomaxx Oils